If you are moving or have moved your servers/applications from self-managed data centers to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, you can now deploy the VM-Series firewall as a secure gateway to your VPC.

  • Virtual Machine (VM) Monitoring Agent

    The Windows User-ID agent and the firewall can now be configured to proactively monitor the supported VM Sources: VMware ESXi server (4.1 and 5.0) and the VMware vCenter Server. The firewall supports up to 10 sources and the Windows User-ID agent supports up to 100 sources.

  • Dynamic Address Groups

    The Dynamic Address Groups feature allows you to dynamically update the network address of an object referenced in policy. Unlike a static address group where you specify the network address of a host, the members of a dynamic address group are populated using the match criteria that you define.

  • VM-Series on Citrix SDX

    The VM-Series firewall is now supported on the Citrix SDX hardware platform running Citrix XenServer version 6.0.2 or later.

  • Support for the VM-Series NSX Edition Firewall

    Traditionally, the lack of context between the security and virtual environments made implementing security policies a challenge at the data center.