For nearly two decades, Nuspire has been leading the industry with proprietary solutions for network security monitoring and management services from Nuspire's Security Operations Center (SOC).

  • SIEM

    Backed by its distributed, parallel processing cloud – combines high speed, real-time analysis of Firewall/UTM and Windows Event logs with Intelligent Alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™.

  • Trax™

    Nuspire's award-winning management and monitoring portal developed for Nuspire engineers, customers, and vendors. Trax™ combines monitoring, alerting, ticketing, asset management, project management and reporting.

  • Unique Threat Intelligence

    The blending of real-time, third party security intelligence (identified by devices placed all around the globe), databases of poor reputation or compromised hosts, advisories and bulletins derived from FBI active investigations of cyber threats as well as Nuspire’s own security research comprise the SOC advanced analytics capabilities.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Teams of R&D experts in the NuSecure labs are dedicated to vulnerability discovery and risk analysis. While some processes are automated within Nuspire systems, others are manually researched and investigated to evaluate threat, risk, and impact on customer networks.

  • Patch Management

    Nuspire’s approach to patch management blends automatic processes with laboratory testing. While some critical security patches are dispatched to the field in real-time, others are first tested in a laboratory environment to ensure network operability and compatibility. The result is a secure network without business disruption.

  • Configuration Management

    Enterprises with many locations struggle with configuration management. While many companies strive for network standardization, “cookie cutter” configurations are generally not realistic. Nuspire has a unique solution to configuration management, changes, and auditing based on nearly two decades of working with many large, geographically dispersed networks – large and small.