Network Operations Center

Large enterprises with large networks as well as large network service providers typically have a network operations center, a room containing visualizations of the network or networks that are being monitored, workstations at which the detailed status of the network can be seen, and the necessary software to manage the networks.

  • A Silent Partnership

    When operating at peak efficiency with a managed IT service partner, an end-user isn’t even aware of the NOC’s presence. NOC technicians coordinate only with the MSP or solution provider they’re supporting, and never directly with an end client.

  • In-house vs. Outsourced

    Large enterprises today may be equipped to fully-staff and maintain an in-house network operations center, but for many businesses, the fixed labor and infrastructure costs are simply too much to bear.

  • NOC vs. Help Desk

    Despite the many things that a Network Operations Center is, there’s one thing it absolutely is not – a help desk. This is an important distinction, and one that can easily confuse business owners if not properly explained.