IBM Filenet

IBM FileNet is an enterprise content management IBM software support solution developed by IBM. This software application is categorized under the product family of IBM ECM which plays a key role in helping enterprises store all business-critical information. Content in the form of documents, media etc can be easily stored, organized and retrieved for future use in IBM FileNet, IBM BPM support and IBM WebSphere support.

  • Combines an enterprise

    Combines an enterprise content management reference architecture and core enterprise platform with comprehensive business process management and compliance capabilities

  • Comprehensive set of content

    Includes a comprehensive set of content and process management business services that can be consumed and deployed in a service-oriented architecture

  • Supports flexible API

    Supports flexible API for Java™, Microsoft® .NET® and XML Web services application development for a rich and interactive user experience that can be easily customized

  • Delivers data center

    Delivers data center manage ability and support for Enterprise System Management tools and enterprise scalability and flexible system deployment in clustered and highly available environments

  • Provides distributed

    Provides distributed content caching and network optimization features that provide optimal performance across geographically distributed sites and wide area networks

  • Multilingual system

    Includes multilingual system capabilities for decentralized, federated system architectures, Advanced Security Services, comprehensive auditing and a standards-based authentication framework