Digital Media

Digital media is a form of electronic media where data is stored in digital form. Examples of digital media include; video, signage, art, audio, and even augmented reality.

  • From push to pull

    Push media is essentially communications broadcasted from an advertiser to consumers of the message, who are generally passive recipients. These channels are one way streets where the information sent is mainly unidirectional.

  • How do you interact?

    Interactivity is essential for all forms of digital media. Low interaction levels account for high bounce rates for websites! Mobile and interactive TV now provide the opportunity for two-way interactions with customers.

  • Who do you target

    Traditional push communications like TV or print would be classified as a one-to-many strategy. Where one generic, poorly targeted message is sent to a multitude of individuals in different segments.

  • How do you communicate

    Digital media has allowed for a whole array of communication channels. Websites, blogs, and social media all serve as viable options for communicating online.

  • How do you advertise

    A website is basically a mix between an advertisement and direct selling tool since it can be used to engage the visitor in dialogue, informative, persuasive, all while promoting offerings to customers.

  • Integration

    Although digital media has some very intriguing characteristics, it does not mean we should ignore all traditional forms of communication. You should combine and integrate traditional and digital media together, and find a nice balance between the two.