Data Center

Large-scale computer systems have been around for a while, and many people are already familiar with the term data center. In the 1940s, computers were so large that individual rooms had to be specially set aside to house them.

  • Availability

    This ensures that SAP can count on its “brain” at any time, and SAP customers can rely on the contractually guaranteed availability of cloud applications running in the data center.

  • Security

    Facilities are built in secure structures, located in geographic safe-zones. Multiple layers of security, including video surveillance and biometric access control, ensure that access is granted only to the appropriate individuals.

  • Power supply

    The data center is connected to two separate grid sectors operated by the local utility company. If one sector were to fail, then the second one will ensure that power is still supplied.

  • Cooling

    All electronic components and especially the processors generate heat when in operation. If it is not dissipated, the processor’s efficiency decreases, in extreme cases, to the point that the component could fail.