Fixed Asset Management

RAM’s fixed asset accounting system helps organizations maintain compliance with accounting guidelines and tax rules by enabling them to effectively control, track, and record each change that occurs during an asset's lifetime. The software encompasses depreciation processing and forecasting, lease accounting, capital expenditure control, and asset tracking/physical auditing.

  • Fixed Asset Software Features

    Transaction types include full and partial disposals, transfers, enhancements, cost adjustments, relifes, revaluations and splits.

  • Flexible Depreciation Features

    Depreciation is automatically calculated for any period or range of periods across multiple books.

  • Compatibility

    Standard interfaces are provided to spreadsheet packages, property management systems such as MRI, and many of the leading Finance/ERP systems.

  • Fixed Asset Compliance with Corporate Governance

    When it comes to fixed asset management, RAM can help you to confidently meet the latest corporate governance regulations with accurate depreciation, component accounting, and excellent reporting.

  • Cost Control Features

    Avoid oversights by creating automated alerts for key events such as insurance renewal, warranty expiry, or replacement date.

  • Reporting and Forecasting Features

    Create user-definable reports for any range of past, current, and future accounting periods, and include locations, type, supplier, and department.