Ezi Banking

Today you can conduct your bank business in a simple, super-fast way with the mobile app, settle your financial affairs in a relaxed manner via online banking on your PC, or obtain advice and support online so as to fulfill your plans and projects and make your dreams come true.

  • Easy Banking Web

    Easy Banking Web. Easy Banking Web is built on a new platform, which will enable the Bank to add new functionality at a later date.

  • Easy Banking App

    More than half of all people in Belgium possess a smartphone and use it several times a day, not just to communicate but also to pay for goods at a store or on the Internet and to carry out all their financial business.

  • Easy Account Creation

    Depending on the bank, the application forms can take less than 10 minutes to fill out. All you have to do is input a few details and send out photocopies of whatever forms of identification the bank requires.

  • Electronic Statements

    Of course switching to email statements can still result in digital clutter, but deleting an email is far easier than shredding paper. Plus, with apps like Google Inbox, it’s nice to be able to receive and read your bill reminders no matter where you go.

  • Automatic Bill Payments

    Most online banks allow you to link your bills directly to your account and have them paid on time automatically. For every bill you set up, that’s one less thing you need to juggle every month. That can add up to a lot of reduced stress.

  • Mobile Check Deposits

    Many banks offer a feature called Mobile Check Deposits, though the precise name might differ from bank to bank. The concept is simple: instead of physically visiting your local bank branch to deposit a check, you can do it from home by uploading a photo of the check (front and back).

  • Secure Message Alerts

    If anything suspicious happens on your account, it’s incredibly helpful to have an immediate alert since waiting too long can have disastrous consequences. That being said, even the trivial alerts can be useful in the right situations.

  • Report & Management Tools

    Prior to online banking, it wasn’t exactly easy to get on-demand reports and summaries for your account activity. Depending on the bank, there might even have been a fee associated with retrieving that info. Yet, with online banking, it’s always one click away.