Collective / Legal Solutions

Collective Legal Solutions provides Wills, Trust and Probate services nationally and the acquisition will further strengthen Co-op’s commitment to provide its members and communities with accessible legal advice and support.

  • Alert Management Center

    The Alert Management Center, a next-generation upgrade of Westlaw Watch, serves to help firm administrators organize, manage and streamline the updates they receive and distribute across their organizations.

  • Essential feature

    One essential feature of the new Alert Management Center is the ability administrators have to customize and moderate newsletters.

  • New tagging feature

    The Alert Management Center’s new ‘tagging’ feature allows administrators to dispatch certain information only to particular groups, thus delivering vital information without generating excess inbox clutter.

  • Intellectual property attorneys

    With the Alert Management Center, there is no need to expect intellectual property attorneys to rummage through updates intended for the estate planning team in order to find what they need to know.

  • Representative of the fluidity

    That element is representative of the fluidity and practicality that were chief priorities in creating the new Alert Management Center.