Market Scan

We constantly listen to the markets and scan for changes. Entering new and complex markets can be daunting. Symbiosis has used its strong market knowledge, its extensive in-house knowledge base, and a distinctive methodology to assist clients in developing detailed market assessments and breakthrough entry strategies.

By working closely with clients, Symbiosis evaluates their objectives, capabilities and resources. The Symbiosis team, comprised of country and industry specialists, then launches a thorough assessment which includes – global and macro-economic trends, industry framework & trends, regulatory environment, competitive dynamics, technology trends, and implications for the client.

The final deliverable is a road map for entering the market or enhancing penetration, which includes recommended modes of entry (import, wholly owned venture, contract production, joint venture, acquisition), partner/target identification, competitive and market positioning, distribution strategy, resulting financials and market share, and an execution plan.

Symbiosis in a phase two helps in the development of a comprehensive entry strategy, and its implementation and execution.