Symbiosis digital banking Platform enables financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformations and effectively compete in a digital-first world.

  • Digibanc’s digital banking

    It unites the functionalities from traditional core banking systems and new fintechcapabilities into a unified digital customer experience, drastically refining any customer channel.

  • Highly modular, scalable

    Designed on a highly modular, scalable and robust open technology architecture, Digibanc delivers superior performance and enterprise grade security adhering to the stringent and dynamic financial industry regulatory requirements.

  • Empowers Sharia

    Digibanc empowers Sharia compliant financial institutions to offer a complete digital-only experience that integrates across all distribution channels to deliver a world class customer experience.

Instant Account Opening

Social Payments

Multi-Authentication Security

Integrated KYC and Assets

OTC Transaction Services

Hybrid and Native Features

Multi Account Types

Multi-Network Mobile Support

Multi-Platform Compatibilities

Payments and Transfers

Branch less Banking Regulatory Compliant

Powered by cutting edge core banking systems, Digibanc’s core back office processing power is an integral component within its performance as the next generation of banking. Running on IslamicBanker™, Digibanc ensures that your customers receive the banking performance and experience they deserve.

Digibanc utilizes its own proprietary middleware technology that seamlessly integrates and communicates with all banking applications to deliver superior operations and interoperability across channels.

The Digibanc solution architecture relies on a robust framework with enterprise grade analytics built within the core solution. It provides real-time insights with a 360 degree view of the banking operations enabling management with actionable data for critical decision making.

Digibanc enterprise grade security frameworks are nothing short of best-of-the-breed. The integrity protocols within the solution architecture guarantees ironclad protection measures as per the industry’s best practices and financial industry regulatory requirements.