Business Sense Simplified!

Our award-winning core banking solutions have the functionality you would expect for the most sophisticated and demanding banking regulations and requirements. They are built with the latest innovations to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, ensure compliance and a rapid time to market.

  • Provide cutting-edge

    They provide cutting-edge real-time analytics to creäte the insights for the development of timely and relevant products and services and can be merged with our market-leading digital channel solutions.

  • Connected front-end

    The connected front-end, middleware and back office will transform your institution into a customer-centric, commercial sales machine.

  • Valuable stakeholder

    Discover how you can engineer your critical processes around your most valuable stakeholder: your customer.

  • Agile platform

    Opt for an open, cutting edge, agile platform that will help you deliver the ultimate customer and employee experience, drive sustainable growth, deliver the innovations for teamwork and partnership.

  • Digital future of bank

    Think outside-the-box and architect the digital future of your bank with our core banking solutions, Islamic Banker and BankSmart.

Core Banking Solutions

BankSmart™ is a highly scalable, rapidly deployable multi-module core banking solution that is build on cutting edge open technologies to enable and empower financial institutions with their core banking requirements. Build on a hybrid blockchain model, BankSmart™is the pioneer in core banking technologies for the modern wave of financial technology.

IslamicBanker™ is the worlds first Sharia’ Compliant and certified Core Banking system for Islamic Finance Institutions. Built on open technologies, Islamic Banker aspires to empower Islamic financial institutions with modern, scalable, and sustainable technologies for a sustainable future.

  • Built on Open Technologies

    Infinite scalability for your organizations growing needs and requirements

  • Blockchain Architecture

    Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain methodologies for superior and unparalleled performance agility

  • Enterprise Grade Security and Integrity

    Utilizing industry standard grade financial services security and structures

  • Real Time Analytics

    Bring your information to your fingertips anytime, anywhere and on-demand

  • Supercharged Retail Banking solutions

    Revolutionize and differentiate across products, improve staff productivity, and streamline operations

  • Simple and Structured

    Reduce complexity and drive innovation with a progressive and sustainable digital transformation

  • Exemplified Digital Banking Experience

    Rapidly deliver a complete end-to-end digital experience without changing existing/legacy platforms

  • Intuitive and Dynamic Financial Modules

    Maximize your investments with powerful and dynamic financial services and investment modules